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Matisyahu Youth lyrics is the 2nd song on the album "Youth" by Matisyahu. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Rapper Matisyahu Kicks Photographer In Face".
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Youth by Matisyahu

some of them come now

some of them running

some of them looking for fun

some of them looking for a way out of confusion

some of them don't know what to be

some of them don't know where to go

some of them trust their instincts that something's missing from their shore

some don't fit society,

insides are crying low

some of them teachers squash the flame before it had a chance to grow

some of them embers do glow

them charcoal, hushed and low

some of them come with the hunger suppressed, not fed

them feel a death blow



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young man, control in your hand

slam your fist on the table and make your demand

take a stand

fan a fire for the flame of the youth

got the freedom to choose

you better make the right move

young man, the power's in your hand


slam your fist on the table and make your demand

you gotta make the right move


"youth is the engine of the world" x2


storm the halls of vanity

focus your energy

into a laser beam

streaming shattered light

unites to pierce

between the seams

and it seems

tear the world open, peer in the children see rapid fire for your mind. half the truth is just a lie, they rub me the wrong way, they say their way or fall behind. seven subjects disconnect, left out the concept as to why there's a spiritual emptiness, so the youth them get vexed, skip class and get wrecked fill with beer and cigarettes to fill the hole in their chest




you got freedom to choose

better make the right move

you got the freedom to chooooose





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