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Your Universe by Rico Blanco

Tell me something

When the rain falls on your face

How do you quickly replace

It with

A golden summer smile?


Tell me something

When i'm feelin' tired and afraid

How do you know just what to say

To make

Everything alright?

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I don't think that you even realize

The joy you make me feel when i'm inside

Your universe

You hold me like i'm the one who's precious

I hate to break it to you but it's just

The other way around

You can thank your stars all you want but

I'll always be the lucky one


Tell me something

When i'm 'bout to lose control

How do you patiently hold

My hand

And gently calm me down?


Tell me something

When you sing and when you laugh

Why do i always photograph

My heart

Flyin way above the clouds?



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