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"Your Love" Video Review

Nicki Minaj is slicing the competition to pieces with her second try, the Annie Lennox - sampling “Your Love.” A slow cut about a guy whose affection she’d do anything for, it’s currently No. 1 on the Billboard rap songs chart.

This morning Nicki released its music video. In it she plays a samurai in training who falls for her sensei. The only problem is that one of her her classmates has too. After going through about three wigs, the battle for his love begins.

During a sword fight with her female rival, Nicki's character, a martial arts student who's in love with her sensei (played by Michael Jai White), comes out on the losing end when she catches some powder to the face and a sharp blade to the gut. Last week in Los Angeles, Nicki explained why she wanted to have a fatal attraction in the video.

"Maybe a few things cooking," Nicki answered with a smile when asked if she has any more guest appearances coming up. "But right now, it's all about the album. November 23. Nothing comes before that." Then Nicki contemplated the title of her project.

"Maybe we should call it ... The Album," she ruminated. "Nicki Minaj: The Album," she continued before dismissing the idea. "I don't know, it'll come."

What do you think Nicki Minaj should call her new album? Let us know in the comments!



wilisa walker 50p 3 years ago

i love nicki minaj


Melissa Shehi 12p 3 years ago

I love this one.


nicholas murphy 396p 3 years ago



Annie NjohNjoh 113p 4 years ago

This song is awsome!!!


wilisa walker 50p 4 years ago

trey songz um tell u dis u my love .i wanted have your baby .give mye least a one day u won't leave . call me


Alex Cimpoca 101p 4 years ago

U're crazy girl!


Abigail Hewitty 10p 4 years ago



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Nicki Minaj - Your Love