Donell Jones - You Should Know (Untouchables Remix) Lyrics

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You Should Know (Untouchables Remix) by Donell Jones

W/Lil Caesar


1 - You should know

It's over now

Cuz I got another love

So I'm saying


You should know

It's over now

Cuz I got another love


Oh Chuck D'joy

Donell Jones

Baby Caesar

Bad Tip the bone

Kenny please us

Oh oh watch how we do this ya'all

DJ on


You never give me all your special time

You're too busy hanging out

That's not what my love's about

I gave my heart my soul my trust to you

Tried to play me for a fool

It's why I felt somebody new

You should know


Repeat 1

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We don't have to play this game no more

I got someone new in my life

And she always treats me right

I don't even know why you still trying

Cuz there's no way I'm coming back

Girl it's way too late for that


Yo oh miss

I love way you flossed your pitch then

It's clay boy crush for women

Make a player want to hit on that

Spend on that

Make you little "C's" girlfriend a minute flat

Kinda knew you loved the limelight


When you eyes got bright

When you saw Frank White

But I didn't mind no

Good girls are hard to find though

I ain't stress it I crushed it

Guess it got outta control

When I saw your girl Nicole

She said gettin my dough

Was your main goal

Crack me for a mink soon as it got cold

I had Biggie on the line while she had you on hold

I asked Frank

He admitted

That he hit it

If I was catching villians quit it

So I did it

I had to let it go like Teddy P

Cuz I'll be damned if I have a bronze dressing me


I need someone right there with me

You just don't have that quality

I'm tryin to give you everything

But you couldn't love me

So I'm saying


Repeat 1


You should know

It's over now

Yeah hey


You should know

So baby got a new love


Repeat 1


Until fade

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