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"Yolo" Video Review

Comedy trio The Lonely Island invited Kendrick Lamar and Saturday Night Live host Adam Levine on their latest video “YOLO” – You Only Live Once. The Lonely Island are preparing to release a new album, the first since 2011.

Here are, IMHO, the top three funniest lines from The Lonely Island’ “YOLO (You Only Live Once)”.

#1: “Never go to saunas 'cuz they're crawling with piranhas / And never take the stairs cause they're often unsafe / You only live once so don't let it go to waste.”

#2: "'Cuz you should never trust a bank they've been known to fail / And never travel by car, a bus, boat or by rail."

#3: "No blankets or pajamas, they can choke you in your sleep / Two words about furniture: Killing machines."


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