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"Xxxo" Video Review

Industrial, menacing and ready for club destruction, “XXXO” by M.I.A. is 100-plus-proof shot of high-octane musical enslavement, which is nowhere near as original as “Paper Planes,” but has way more potential to blow. - Uproxx

Hip Hop legend Jay-Z jumped on a remix of this song. And though they'd worked together in the past, on the cut "Swagga Like Us," it was a move that surprised M.I.A. "I was really surprised he liked 'XXXO,' actually. And I was really surprised he liked the version that's on the album, and not Blaqstarr's version, which is more sort of urban sounding," she told MTV News. "It was interesting he liked the one with the crazy synths and stuff. It's more sort of [an] electro vibe... and his verse is so great. It was good to hear him say the word 'metrosexual.'"

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M.i.a. - Xxxo