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Wipe The Tears From Your Eyes by Caught In The Act

Never ever seen you like this before

I know you must have loved him

A little too much girl

All the time he's on your mind

Taking control

You think he was your life line

You've got to let him go

So wipe the tears from your eyes

'Cause you that you'll survive

Wipe the tears from your eyes

And think of the good times

Baby you will survive

It's hard but you got to try

To wipe the tears from your eyes

'cause you know you will survive

Think of the good times

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And how they made you cry

Crying for happiness

That you no longer find

It's hard I know, but you must try

To get him out of your mind

You're living life way too down

Maybe you'll find

He tells you love's not over yet

But the bad times you can't forget

Girl don't you know

You will survive

Start learning to live

And learning to live again

Ooh wipe them away

So all you got to do is wipe away

The tears from your eyes

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