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Who Shot Ya by Justin Bieber

Running every where tryna find where I am

Goin no where so am tryin again

I'm so lost like paper no pen

Yes you've called so ya here I am

Cold no switer bold no letter so much better

My roll go geter my tall is rether and a fire on my eyes am a rain no


The goal am a set is a whole life better

When the storm from jahova come am'll be the best ever

Love from the start peace in my heart we'd never be apart

But I still wounder have I fought the thunder I can feel it in my heart

Shooting like a hunter

Ya a stright gunner

But it's feells strange now that thing in my heart makes things change

How I felt before when my brain rearange and what I do before is defintly

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Not the same

Could I just take a minute ya just wait a minute

Starting the heat the minute we have to pay the minute

Alright oky the minute or we can wait a minute

See how long a time it just takes to just say a minute

Life is so short but we take it for granit

Payin over my life and it was a life that I was handle

Flyin so high yes I just landed

Am tryina figure out what my planes

His hand is on my life him ascend just vanish

But I felt for wash his of quick like a

I'm goin nut quick like a grow men is

Am'll be set so will my big grand kids



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