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"White Horse" Video Review

"White Horse" is a single by American country pop singer Taylor Swift. It is the second official single released from her album "Fearless". This song is featured in the fifth season premier of Grey's Anatomy, Dream a Little Dream of Me.

"White Horse" is a mid-tempo ballad with piano flourishes in which the female narrator tells of being rejected in a relationship. She uses fairy tale image to describe this point, especially in the metaphor of her lover being a prince on a white horse, and by saying "I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale" after realizing that the relationship was not what she had expected.

Concerning the theme carried by the video, Taylor Swift previously noted that "this video’s a lot different than the other videos. We’ve made because usually we’ve gone for bright colors and me looking straight into the camera and singing. But this one, it’s a little more introspective."

"There’s a pretty emotional scene in there where I had to cry for like three hours, like bawl my eyes out for three hours,” Taylor explained prior to the release. "It was really interesting and sort of a new thing for me. Stephen Colletti’s in it, so I’m really excited about that. ... I saw him on ‘One Tree Hill’ and thought he was really awesome on that. I thought he had the look we were going for, for the video guy."

The video was directed by Trey Fanjoy, who previously worked with Swift on her "Love Story" and "Teardrops on My Guitar" videos.



risa jami 196p 3 years ago

this videoooo is GREAT.
its soo truee guys are like that /'


Madison YourMom 263p 3 years ago

Wasn't that dude in the "Ours" music vid???


Kari Farelle 25p 3 years ago

I love Taylor Swift!!!


Strawberry Rhapsody 5277p 4 years ago

lot of crying, three hours, wow


risa jami 196p 3 years ago

stfuuu !



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Taylor Swift - White Horse