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Lauryn Hill When It Hurts So Bad lyrics is the 8th song on the album "The Miseducation Of" by Lauryn Hill. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Lauryn Hill Receives Three-Month Prison Sentence".
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When It Hurts So Bad by Lauryn Hill


When it hurts so bad (when it hurts so bad)

When it hurts so bad (when it hurts so bad)

Why's it feel so good? (when it hurts so bad)

(when it hurts so bad) [x2]


[Verse 1]

I loved real real hard once

But the love wasn't returned

Found out the man I'd die for

He wasn't even concerned

I tried and I tried and I tried

To keep him in my life (to keep him in my life)

I cried and I cried and I cried

But I couldn't make it right

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But I I loved the young man

And if you ever been in love

Then you'd understand

That what you want might make you cry

What you need might pass you by

If you don't catch it (if you don't catch it)

(if you don't catch it)

And what you need ironically

Will turn out what you want to be

If you just let it (if you just let it)

If you just let it (if you just let it)


[Verse 2]

See I thought this feeling

It was all that I had

But how could this be love

And make me feel so bad? (gave up my power)

Gave up my power

I existed for you

But who-ever knew

The voo-doo you'd do


[Bridge + Hook]

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