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We In Da Club by Bow Wow


Mustard on the beat ho



We in the club; shit's packed

If it ain't Ros then we send that shit back

Roll it up we smoke back to back

Don't act up in here homie you don't want that - ahh

This the song for the real niggas

Ay this the song for the real niggas

Ay this the song for the real niggas

Ay what it do where you from do your thang ahh


[Verse 1:Bow Wow]

Herms belt cost $650

If your girl look then your girl leave with me

Niggas lookin' but they don't want no issues

Cuz for the right price we can make your homies miss you

Now I'm ballin' ballin' like a muhfucka

P-I-M-P and you just a hand cuffer

Ferrari drop top

Rap - rap game got it in a head lock

I keep 7 grams in a blunt

Keep another shorty on the side just in case she front

Keep my shades on swagger alright

Bitch is we fucking? I ain't got all night

What it do

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[Verse 2:Bow Wow]

Where my bad bitches where they at

Get behind that ass quarterback snap

We in the club and my niggas don't know how to act

White tees Levi's and a snap back

Niggas hatin' in the club better stop that

So much cash you'd a think a nigga sold crack

Milli on my wrist got your girl on my dick

Young Money Cash Money nigga we the shit

Tell tell the DJ bring it back one time

Cause the crowd go crazy when they hear the bassline

They gon' bump it on the block bang it in the street

Hey you know it's a hit as long as Mustard's on the beat

Now where we at




You a lame you a lame ain't nobody fucking with you you a lame

You a lame you a lame ain't nobody fucking with you you a lame



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