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Wanted Dead Or Alive by The Mighty Sparrow

The rule of the tyrants decline

The year 1979

From Uganda to Nicaragua

It's bombs and bullets all the time


So they corrupt so they vile

So it's coup after coup all the while

Human rights they violate

They thought they were so great

So in disgrace now they live in exile


Gairy is a wanted man

Idi Amin is a wanted man

Shah of Iran tried so hard to survive

He too is wanted dead or alive


Strikes demonstrations & wars

Injustice is always the cause

Politicians turn too soon from

Poor people into tycoons

Corruption must bring harass

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South African Vorster resign in disgrace

Muzurewa take away Ian Smith place

The Uganda devil was easily cat straddled

Beaten up and chased - what a waste.


Gairy is a wanted man

Patrick John is a wanted man

The Shah of Iran try so hard to survive

He too was wanted dead or alive.


The shah had a short time to live

Because the Ayatollah don't forgive

When you see church ruling state

With pure vengeance and hate

Situation must be explosive


General Somoza from Nicaragua

Thought it was easy with the Sandinistas

With the help of Venezuela Panama and Cuba

They kick him straight to America.


Gairy is a wanted man

Bokassa is a wanted man

Ali Bhutto try so hard to survive

He too was wanted dead or alive.


Grenada mongoose was bad and so brave

They send the old bishop straight to the grave

After that well Gairy skip town

With the diary of the Obeah gong

No more people to enslave


Trinidad neighbors expected more mayhem

Anytime anything can happen to them


Eric Williams taking a backseat to avoid


But everybody know he a fraidy cat


Gairy is a wanted mam

Park Chung Hee was a wanted man

Acheam Pong fight so hard to survive

He too was wanted dead or alive

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