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Wanted: Dead Or Alive by Beanie Sigel

{*Running* *Breathing*}


(Beanie Sigel)

Wanted, 100 miles and runnin'

Through the rain and the sunnin, when them feed folks comin

Keep your head up youngin', gotta keep ya heads up youngin'

The streets'll give your head up youngin'

Listen, flip your con 'tacs, stay focused like contacts

Your head's open for a contract

Can't go where mom at, the last place you wanna bring the dram at

The first place they gonna track I promise

Can't relax, but remain the calmest

Couple rules that your play by, stay by, stay live

You keep your boots on your laces tied

And only troop on the late night if you play right, you stay right, right

You never play the day light, jakes get on your tail

Never let them see the break lights

Catch me if you can when I'm dippin from the cops

Mr. Gingerbread never falling victim of the fox


Chorus: Wanted: Dead or Alive (2x)


(Beanie Sigel)

Wanted, but you can't stop runnin'

With a price on your head, be prepared to gunnin'

Don't be scared like the Red Coats comin' nigga

Stay underground and keep runnin' like Tugman

You can't sleep, not a peep, no slumber

Man I sleeped about a 100 hours rest this summer

No stress when your dealin' with the running

Waking up in cold sweats, pissed scared of the rumblin'

Fuck it, just prepare for the trouble

Don't be shit scared nigga with your head undercovers

This not a broad threat, I got something for 'em

On the steps with two tecs, this is not a warnin'

Nigga they close like camera flash

When the hammer blast, put on your State Prop camouflage

Crack the box or the avalanche, put on your Montana mask

Get to clappin' like it's Pakistan

What every strap, cause an accident

Make a traffic jam, dodge all the traps you can, keep runnin'

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Chorus: Wanted: Dead or Alive (2x)



All you got to say is hide me, I ride free

I be, the one to change your birth, S.S., or ID (I got all that)

Ain't no more hangin' with the Y.G. State Prop

No Roc, private dock, incase you need an IV

No more Bent', that's Accord money, 420

Schemes can't afford money, money yous award money

Whether 90 or the first degree, any murder in the first degree

Well be the third degree, and they looking for the perjury

If you ain't merk the g, perfectly, you'll be in surgery

Take the seed out the nursery, nurse him at the precinct

Give 'em desert, that ain't where he deserve to be

And I went through this personally, certainly

3-2 for burglary, now it was referred to me

So they play us in no way, know way

Blaze up the roadways, A.C. and O.J

Read the paper, eggs and OJ

Call CD head of the O'Jays

That's a gipsy caps, risky all the chips we had

45 flee-flicker, we niggaz, hit the gas

When the operation go stale, ain't no jail

I did my whole album on bail (That's the truth )

I got you mac mittens, I send them a black ribbon

Attached to Mac spitten, I can't go back prison


Chorus: Wanted: Dead or Alive (2x)

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