Video for Chris Brown’s Latest Single “Home” Released

The video for “Home,” Chris Brown’s latest single and a track from his upcoming album, came out last week. Video for Chris Brown’s Latest Single “Home” Released

The incidents in which Chris Brown has been involved in over the past year – getting into fights with Drake and Frank Ocean, crashing a car while en route to an event, supposedly not being truthful about his community service hours – detract from his occupation – a singer and rapper with top-notch dancing skills. Possibly as a move to distract fans from his issues as of recent, Chris Brown put out a track called “Home,” with the video surfacing last week.

“Home,” as a song, is a by-the-numbers effort from Brown, with Auto-Tuned vocals and rap lyrics hinting at nostalgia for a time in which he wasn’t as famous. While you certainly can’t blame Brown for that, lines like “Take away all the bullsh-t and rewind the truth” are about as crass as his Jesus paintings on Instagram right after the Ocean incident.

“Home” is the first taste of the singer’s upcoming album, a follow-up to 2012’s Fortune. The upcoming release is in the early stages, with production duo Da Internz recently speaking about working with the “Turn Up The Music” singer. They stated: "It's really crazy with Chris because Chris can really do whatever the h-ll he wanna do. I've never seen anyone work as fast as him in the studio. His voice is incredible. He knows what he wants, you know what I mean? Like you'll play him a track and he'll be like, he'll just start talking about you know 'Oh, I know what this is; video, visual. I know who I would put on it.' "

The video for “Home” features footage from Brown’s recent travels and concerns in Frankfurt, Dubai, Amsterdam, and Paris. If you have yet to see it, view it here:

Written on Feb 17 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: chris brown home


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