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Victims Of Love by Joe Lamont

Our hearts have been to battle

Our souls have been to war

We've lost the will to carry on, we don't believe no more

Wasn't it we who said

That this could never happen to us

How wrong could we be cause baby here we are


Victims of love a broken down affair

So sad to see the debris

Scattered everywhere

Victims of love, I still cannot believe

That we're the victims of love

That we cannot retrieve

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It used to be so easy, it used to be so good

We had an understanding that got misunderstood

I thought we were survivors and we never would go down

But now we're just outsiders as our love

Comes tumbling down






Maybe we played it a bit too sure

And everything was hearts and roses

But fate stepped in and closed the door

And we were just left standing

And we realized the ending

Was so near...

Where do we go from here...



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fathuma Husu 10p 3 years ago

this is d best song 4 me ....stay blessed idol...


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