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Swollen Members Ventilate lyrics is the 14th song on the album "Bad Dreams" by Swollen Members. The "Ventilate" lyrics by Swollen Members are displayed below.
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Ventilate by Swollen Members


So when we make songs at least our music sounds distinguished

[MC] Come on man I made this happen you don't appreciate shit

[Prev] Yeah?

[MC] I'm the one who hustled yo you never put in one cent

You're dead-set in your ways your stubborness

[Prev] What?

[Mc] How you think we got this far it didn't happen from luck

[Prev] If I had a buck for every kid I battled and slayed

I'd had enough to start my own (edited) record label anyway


[chorus (2X)]


[MC] I hope you realize these songs weren't made for free

[Pre] Man I know

But once the cash comes back you can recoup your dough

[MC] Yeah bro but you ain't even signed a contract

[Pre] No that's wack

[MC] I could get stabbed in the back

[Pre] You should know better than that

[MC] Well it's frustrating to me I got a lot on my plate

[Pre] Well you're the one who put it

There I thought we already ate

[MC] Alright look where was I back three years ago?

[Pre] Mininum wage?

[MC] That's right and where we at now?

[Pre] Yeah different page

[MC] OK what's the significance of the point I'm tryin to make?

[both] We sound magnificient together

[Pre] so let's drop this whole debate

(How many states?)

[MC] Not many (How many countries?)

[Pre] Plenty

(How old are both of y'all?)

[both] Let's just say we're in our twenties

(How'd you come up with the name Swollen Members?)

[both] Drunk at Denny's

(Any last words?)

[both] Step up and you'll get kicked to the curb

[Pre] We're strippin your verse we're rippin you're a

[both] victim of words

[both] We're both putting in work tryin to get what we deserve

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