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Ven Conmigo by Daddy Yankee featuring Prince Royce

[Prince Royce]

I seen her walk out the club

Showing off her sexy flow (that’s right)


A hot little chick

I fell in love with her eyes


And now she goes

And now I don’t know if she’ll be back


Y ahora se va

I gotta get that gotta that

Y le caigo atrás

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And now she goes

Tengo que llegarle a eso

And I fall at it from behind


Ay mami, come with me

It’s too early to head back to the disco

Mami come with me, I gotta get that gotta that

Stay with me


Gotta go gotta go

You know how this thing go


[Daddy Yankee]

Come with me

And get in the mood

That I have arrived little lady

We got what you need

Order whatever you want

Please do me a favor

And put that purse away

It’s on the house

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