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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inducts Legends Alice Cooper and Neil Diamond Plus Others US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted more members during its 26th annual ceremony in New York last Monday night. The new members welcomed into the elite club included Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond, Tom Waits, Darlene Love, Leon Russell and Dr. John. From now on, these new members will have memorabilia from their long distinguished careers exhibited at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

To become eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame, artists are judged on their influence and significance to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll. But the judging only occurs 25 years after the release of their first record.

In true form, Alice Cooper accepted his award wearing a blood spattered shirt and signature black eye-makeup. For the audience, he performed his first major hit single 'School's Out' with a children's choir. Cooper's award was presented by Rob Zombie, who commented on the choir as a "murderous band of drag queens-in a good way."

Neil Diamond initially performed three songs, but stole the limelight by performing 'Sweet Caroline' twice during the evening.

As well as these two incredibly popular singers, this year's inductees included a few talented artists who have been less commercially popular.

The third recipient, Tom Waits, is a gravelly growling singer who has won two Grammys, for the albums "Bone Machine" and "Mule Variation".

Darlene Love is a singer-songwriter hailed as the "queen of the girl groups", and famous for her re-curring Christmas time spot on the David Letterman show.

Next was Leon Russell who made his fame as a singer, songwriter and keyboard player for big-name artists including Elton John, Willie Nelson, and Eric Clapton.

Finally, Dr. John received his recognition as singer, songwriter, pianist and guitar player. His biggest hit was the tune 'Right Place, Wrong Time'.

Alice Cooper

Dr. John

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Rob Cannan 10p 4 years ago

You are woofully uniformed about Leon Russell. Had you been he would have been your stories highlite. His participation and direct contributions to American pop music in the 60s and 70s (especially the 60s in the studio as a musician, producer-arranger) is unmatched. He was everywhere. Through simple association he has jump started the carriers of many - many other musicians. Plus he's a man of integrity. On the web visit the Tulsa Area Music Archive.


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