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Juvenile U.p.t. lyrics is the 17th song on the album "400 Degreez" by Juvenile. The "U.p.t." lyrics by Juvenile are displayed below.
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U.p.t. by Juvenile

Cash money slangin' nine nigga

Off top playboy

H.B's and the B.G.'s

What's happenin' little B.G. bring it to these niggas


When I got that iron in my hand I'ma sling it

When I got that drama on my mind I'ma bring it

I ain't backin' down from no nigga that's hatin'

If the nigga say I ain't 'bout my business look here he hatin'


Comin' uptown playboy we gonna sling it

I catch down bad nigga we gonna leave ya stainin'

Fuckin' wit my H.B's nigga I'ma bring it

Rollin' uptown stay strap and keep thinkin'


'Cause a nigga get stolen better yet get takin' paper is burn

They come fast and catch shakin'

Picture this my brother cash money then went nation

But that comes from seven hard years of dedication


Fuckin' with my B.G. nigga

I'm puttin on your viece and I'm a kill me a nigga

That's believin' worth six niggas we call hard hitters

We uptown riders and we real with this nigga


Police can investigate but they ain't gonna find shit

But a 100 bullet shells without a fuckin' fingerprint

This hot boy click laid back and spy on niggas

We see them workin' on somethin' look here we riders


Ain't like workin' niggas any block with a flussy

That goes for the boss too we ain't got no picks to choose it

We getcha if we gotta wig splitcha if we gotta

I know you ain't got word that every G's is a rider


So keep it on the D.L

If you got keys don't serve nobody of V.L

'Cause they play keep

A one way ticket to Hizell 6 ft. deep


It's a filthy dirty rizell on the U.P.T

I was raised in the streets

But I put it on my mind by the time I was nine

I was pushin' nigga I was slangin' that nine

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Nah nah nah

Now them them don't want us

They know me and Turk don't fuss in the corners

They already know that we brothers blood


Or whatever you wanna call it

Click up with my dog we get crazy like alcoholics

Plus we ballers so whatever we spend the Lex or Benz

It's gonna be on twenny twen twens


Get off the block when we come nigga to the lane

Shots that close shop when the bullets start sparyin'

Run your mouth too much better watch whatcha sayin'

Like a nigga on the sidelines nigga we ain't playin'


Now why oh why Lord did the nigga wanna try and die Lord?

Why why why?

Niggaz wanna learn the hard way give it to 'em like that

Make 'em suffer [Incomprehensible] put that bitch with a bag


I guess you probably thinkin' there sayin' "Who's the muthafucka?

Nigga you's the muthafucka that bruise a muthafucka

Either there's been a lot of cross-firin' in the bricks

But I'm gonna kill me nigga if they put me in that shit


Look I'm gonna tell ya like I tell my folks

Play with me if you want cash money going broke

Even if it means creepin' up slow but then bye bye

Bustin' out shots out my black Volvo


Fo sho 'cause ain't nobody gonna run me

I don't want nobody going to tell my mama when somebody done me

She ain't bring me in the world for that she ain't raise no ho's

She could have had a girl for that


I been realized I'm all in

Surrounded by the camouflage in ballin'

Make a nigga recognize I'm starvin'

Go in and do a homicide you fallin' stop callin'


'Cause ain't no peace treaties woodie

You better leave that 45 at your house

'Cause you gonna need it woodie

I told you boy I'm a souljah boy

U.T.P up on my stomach from the nolia boy


Slangin' nine fo sho nigga

That's how we layin' it down for the '98 all the way to the '99

Worldwide slangin' nine

All you bus pass niggas better recognize


This one here bouncin' all out ya heard me

Ask my nigga Prime nigga ask my nigga Lac nigga

Ask my nigga B Dog nigga ask Manny ask Ruckus

Ask my brother Corey ask B.G.'s nigga ask Suga Slim


You ain't got no muthafuckin' heart

Gotta push a knife chillin' the bad guys do you hear me?

Slicin' throats we doin' it like that nigga ah ha ah ha

How you luv that now nigga?


What's up now nigga?

Talk that shit now what what's up

I thought we was what kind of boys

Nigga what nigga who what nigga ha


I know y'all gonna hear me all over the nation

So this is for the East Coast the South Coast

The West Coast over the world

Nigga ain't no beef nigga it's 'bout money


Nigga if you ain't makin' no money I can't talk

Shut the fuck

Nigga ain't got no words for ya

It's all about the fetti

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