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Unstoppable by Lil' Wayne


My name is drizzy

And i aint perfect

But i work hard

So i deserve it

And i belong

Right where you see me

Aint on offence about it

I aint mistah feeny

Nah i got a decent set of manners

And a job that fills up any empty schedule or planner

And i fall in love with girls caught up in superficial glamor

Who dress like sarah jessica

And live like princess diana

So often they have addictions

And im the one that'll feed it

But truely you're bad enough that you dont even really need it

You can show up at the party on dirty public transit

And i guarantee the cameraman would still be snappin candids

Of you and your posse partying

Drinking watch you get handed

With your virgin island tans

All lookin like you just landed

I dont really understand it

Im not sure im comprehending it

But these girls are having fun with whoevas money they spendin


Chorus x2

I got to be unstoppable

I got to be unstoppable

Ey ey ey ey

You don't lie

Ey ey ey ey

You don't lie

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My name is weezy

Im almost perfect

And i work harder than hard workin

Bizzare circus

Thats where my bar surface

Therefore i act a clown

Even when im laying on my back

Im never backin down

So overstand me

I got a condo in miami

And my doormat is always sandy

And i run louisiana

But ive never pulled a hammy

And i got a condo in atlanta

And i always wear a bandany

And when it comes down to stuntin

You boys is just buntin

Im swinging for the fence

Your girl hanging from my dick

Your girl sanging to my shit

Like ah lala lolipop

She say i get that pussy wetter than a dessani shop

She say i fix that pussy better

Better than her gynecologist

Hoe just text me

Everybody want some mo dick mo dick

Old bitch

Young bitch

But ill be like damnnnn

All i got is one dick



I got to be unstoppable

I got to be unstoppable

Ey ey ey ey

You don't lie

Ey ey ey ey

You don't lie



I got the talk

The beats and bass

Give me one i'll take it

Make you lose your place

Tell me i-i-i can play

So i speed up the pace

I break it break it you can't stop me

In this ra-race


Chorus x2

I got to be unstoppable

I got to be unstoppable

Ey ey ey ey

You don't lie

Ey ey ey ey

You don't lie



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