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Anata Under The Debris lyrics is the 7th song on the album "Under A Stone With No Inscription" by Anata. The "Under The Debris" lyrics by Anata are displayed below.
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Under The Debris by Anata

Collapsing are the walls

That used to protect me

Ground under my feet cracks

My universe is imploding

Since my star died


Or was it me that ceased to burn?

A black hole

Is what's left of my world

Now crushed

Solid as compressed

A chaos attracting chaos

I run but can not flee

I carry this core inside of me


[lead: allenmark]


Under the debris

There's still life but for how long?

I hear no rescue squads

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They can't hear my silent screams

Or does this have to be;

I deserve to die?

Mi9s-grown fate can't be stopped

It's harvest-time

And i did invite the reaper

To help me with the crop


I used to be an observing satellite

Sent here without a task

Collecting images

That i'd never supply


When a lost satellite

Crashes and burns

No one cries

We only know our own world

And can't do otherwise

I blame no one

But wish that i on this ship

Had dared to believe

The navigator has always been me


Under the debris

There's still life but for how long?

I hear no rescue squads

They can't hear my silent screams








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