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Kottonmouth Kings Undaground Movement lyrics is the 1st song on the album "Fire It Up" by Kottonmouth Kings. The "Undaground Movement" lyrics by Kottonmouth Kings are displayed below.
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Undaground Movement by Kottonmouth Kings





As the plot continues to get thicker

We move onto another chapter

We gettin wiser and older

But there's still more to capture

I can still remember when we weren't even a band

Then we all got together figured out we can conquer this land

Our dreams became reality we're still here 10 years later

Bigger, faster, stronger, better

Bring it to the table we come swingin on whatever

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Daddy X, D-LOC, Johnny Richter, Pakelika, DJ B, Lou Dog

Ain't none of you mother fuckers can ever fuck with the Kottonmouth Kings

We don't really care what people think or what they say

If they like it they like it it's ok

It's all about our creation and our relation

It feels like we been on a never-ending vacation

People have no idea how much fun we've had

Touring the country, makin music in the studio

And I kno that one day is gonna come

And I'll never want it to end

One day I'll be in heaven rockin shows again

Kottonmouth Kings is a lifestyle movement

D-LOC said it so don't ever forget it

Peace....thanks to ya'll

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