U2 Finishing Recording New Album at Electric Lady

Spotted at Electric Lady Studios in New York over the weekend, U2 are finishing up their latest album. U2 Finishing Recording New Album at Electric Lady

Reports surfaced over the past weekend of U2’s activity in New York – mainly, finishing up the recording of their follow-up to 2009’s No Line on the Horizon. All four band members were present at the Electric Lady Studios, with Coldplay’s Chris Martin there, as well.

While Martin’s role was uncertain (is he collaborating or just hanging out?), all four members of U2 were working with producer Danger Mouse on the mixing on May 31. At one point, the group went up to the studio’s rooftop to record an acoustic version of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” for an art project called Inside Out.

Since the band wrapped up their tour for No Line on the Horizon, they have been putting together new material. At one point, a release called Songs of Ascent – essentially outtakes from the No Line on the Horizon sessions – was in the works but was scrapped. U2, as well, began recording with RedOne but later went with Danger Mouse.

Right now, the release, tentatively titled 10 Reasons to Exist, is scheduled for fall 2013. Recently, Bono told the Globe & Mail the album may have hints of Achtung Baby.

A release date, however, has not been determined, according to recent statements from Adam Clayton: "We very much want to have a record out by the end of the year, September, October, November; that kind of time. We're working with Danger Mouse, who's a smart guy. He's on it; he's excited. It's a great team and feels very liberating at the moment – anything goes. We have an abundance of riches, we could make three or four different records and justify that to ourselves, but to make the best record you can, you have to steer away from the ones you can make easily. We're really trying to get into territory that we're not comfortable in. If that makes sense."

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