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Bruce Springsteen Two Hearts lyrics is the 13th song on the album "Live In Concert 1975 - 85 Bruce Springsteen & The Street Band" by Bruce Springsteen. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "18th Bruce Springsteen Album May Have Leaked".
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Two Hearts by Bruce Springsteen

I went out walking the other day

Seen a little girl crying along the way

She'd been hurt so bad said she'd never love again

Someday your crying girl will end

And you'll find once again

Two hearts are better than one

Two hearts girl get the job done

Two hearts are better than one

Once I spent my time playing tough guy scenes

But I was living in a world of childish dreams

Someday these childish dreams must end

To become a man and grow up to dream again

Now I believe in the end

Two hearts are better than one...

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Sometimes it might seem like it was planned

For you to roam empty hearted through this land

Though the world turns you hard and cold

There's one thing mister that I know

That's if you think your heart is stone

And that you're rough enough to whip this world alone

Alone buddy there ain't no peace of mind

That's why I'll keep searching till I find my special one

Two hearts are better than one...

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