Dan Fogelberg - Tucson, Arizona (Gazette) Lyrics

Dan Fogelberg Tucson, Arizona (Gazette) lyrics is the 56th song on the album "Portrait: The Music Of Dan Fogelberg From 1972-1997" by Dan Fogelberg. The "Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)" lyrics by Dan Fogelberg are displayed below.
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Tucson, Arizona (Gazette) by Dan Fogelberg

Tucson arizona

Rising in the heat like a


Tony keeps his chevy

Like a virgin locked in

His garage

He brings it out at midnight

And cruises down the

Empty boulevards

And he prowls the

Darkened alleys

That snake between the citys

Thirsty yards

The lonely desert skies reflect

The anger in his eyes

And it is dawn.


His father died of drinking

And left five children sinking

With his mom

His older brother bobby

Never made it back from viet nam

With high school well behind him

He lives at home and works this

Shitty job.


And he thinks his 60 chevy

Is the only true amigo

That hes got

His heart is filled with sadness

And his soul is like some

Ugly vacant lot.


Mary estelle hanna

Came out from louisiana

For the sun

A deal gone bad in dallas

Left her burned and broke

And on the run

To make the rent and groceries

She takes this job at

$3.15 an hour

Serving shots of whiskey

And tequila

In some smoky red-neck bar

And she dreams some day

Shell make her way to l.a.

And become a movie star.

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Tony saw her working

He swallowed hard and asked

Her for a date

Mary laughed and answered

"i would but every night

Im working late"

He said he had some cocaine

That she could have if shed

Just ride along

She said "what the hell

I may a well

I havent had no fun in

So damn long"

He picked her up at closing time

They pulled out on the road

And they were gone.


Tonys mom got frantic

When she found her son had

Not come home

Marys roommate panicked

And called the sheriff from

A public phone

They asked her lots of questions

She tried her best to tell

Them what she saw.


And late that night

They found poor mary

Lying in some narrow

Dusty draw

And the coroner reported

That she hadnt been

Deceased for very long.


Two weeks on they found it

Buried to the windshield

In the sand

There inside lay tony

With a small revolver in

His hand

The papers simply stated

It must have been the

Drugs that drove him mad

The neighbors speculated

What could make a good boy

Go so bad?

Well it might have been

The desert heat

It might have been the

Home he never had.

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