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Trust Issues Remix by Justin Bieber



[hook - justin bieber]

All i care about is money and the city that im from

Imma sing until i feel iti'mma go until its done

And i dont mean to say wassup and my excuse is that im young

And im only getting older somebody shoulda told you

Im on one you know im on one

I said im on one you know im on one

Two white cups and i got that drink could be purple could

Be pink depending on how you mix that ish money that

We gotnever get that ishcause im on oneyou know im one one


You know what i like

Oh yeah oh yeah (x2)


[justin bieber]

You just need to listen teach you how to fix it

Cause you're cause i don't trust these women

I don't trust these women they might catch me slipping

So you're the only one cause i don't trust these women

They might catch me slipping and put in something different

So you're the only one cause i don't trust these bitches

I don't trust these bitches they might catch me simping

So you're the only one

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Trust issues



Drizzy drake check me out

Coming live from the mothafucking north side

Kick game run game run it real good

But never ever have my bitches sitting courtside

Same nigga that you knew way back when

You acting like it's somebody you don't know

Tell me how the fuck we supposed to stay friends

When you got a bunch of feelings that you don't show?

I could tell i could tell i could tell

Certain people don't like me no more

New shit don't excite me no more


Guess that they don't really make em like me no more

You can look me in my eyes and see i ain't myself

Cause if y'all what i created then i hate myself

But still let them girls in and tell them all

Leave their cell phones on the table where we see them

I'm all day with it man a.m to the p.m

Niggas hating i just wish that they would say it when they see him


[justin bieber]

That's that ish that drives me crazy

And that's all i've been getting lately

And it's probably why i'm scared to put the time in

Women want to fuck like they're me and i'm them

Looking for some things and i think that i can find them in you

Trust issues


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