Trey Songz Puts Out New Songs 'Foreign' and 'Change Your Mind'

The double musical offering will be a part of Trey's upcoming studio album, "Trigga". Trey Songz Puts Out New Songs 'Foreign' and 'Change Your Mind'

Trey Songz has released two more songs from his upcoming album "Trigga" and has made the double offering free to download for his fans, provided that they pre-order the full album.

Titled "Foreign", the first song is a mid-tempo number that is more suitable for club play. As its name suggests, the single is about Trey falling in love with a foreign lover.  

One of the song's verses go something like that: "Colombiano, yeah I love that/ I love her if she speak another language/ She be doing things I never seen/ I think I might have hit it in my dreams."

The 29-year-old crooner out of Petersburg, Virginia, has also put the song on YouTube for everyone to listen.

The other one is a more typical R&B song named "Change Your Mind". Like the first one, this one's theme is also evident through its name. Here, Trey is asking his love interest to change his mind and return his love.

"If by chance that we're here, only got one life to live so let me change your mind/ Say that I'm bad for you that's fine, sometimes bad is a good time/ Don't you be shy, let me change your mind," he sings.

"Trigga" will be the sixth studio album of Trey's career. It is scheduled to hit stores on July 1.

Both "Foreign" and "Change Your Mind" can be heard down below:

Written on May 13 2014 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: trey songz


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