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Carbon Leaf Traffic lyrics is the 10th song on the album "Ether-Electrified Porch Music" by Carbon Leaf. The "Traffic" lyrics by Carbon Leaf are displayed below.
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Traffic by Carbon Leaf

Don't get mad at nothin'

(Anything) that passes by

Don't yank from the sky

You make up too many voices

Too many scenario's imaginari-OH!

Dreary load

Should keep on going...writing...riding

Too long for sitting...muscle atrophy

Look at me, I'm damning my transmission

We scramble for position,

Jockey for transmission

Just make it up (got to go!)

Makin' up for lost time

Drive To Reveal

Reinvent the wheel

Still making up for lost time

Traffic! Traffic!

Silly me. Simile is like a rat trap


Beast in a steal cage.

Road rage, road rage, rode-dent-rage

Fess up, fed up. enough!

I'm messing up, make it up...for lost time

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Bend shape twist and steal

Wrider's Block gets me down

Bark like a dog, yelp like Sting...

(I was hoping for my own thing)

This is not the road I should be on

This is not the road I should be on!

'Cause you might get hurt.

'Cause you could get lost

Oh, these infrastructure metaphors are a boar

I...aye, aye

I don't think I'll gO there in frustration

Make a clean departure, oh no.

There I GO!


Road Trip on my own tongue.

Oh well,

I made it thru another one...




Windshield Movie so surreally

Given up on lost time...

Given up, got me down

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