Tony Visconti Says David Bowie is Back in the Studio

According to a statement producer Tony Visconti made, David Bowie is back in the studio to work on a new album. Tony Visconti Says David Bowie is Back in the Studio

Tony Visconti, the producer who has long worked with David Bowie, revealed a major piece of information at the recent Music Producers Guild Awards: That Bowie is already back in the studio to put together a follow-up to last year’s The Next Day.

If you have been following Bowie’s career, the singer went a decade without putting out new material until last year, with Reality being his last full-length album until The Next Day. The Next Day’s success, even without a supporting tour, yielded a five-track extended version in the fall.

At the event, Visconti, who appears to do most interviews for Bowie these days, told the audience: “We were very excited with the reaction. No one believed that David Bowie was going to make another album and so the timing was perfect, because everyone kind of gave up on him. There were rumors of bad health and rumors of retirement, and I’m laughing my head off every time I hear them. I’m in the studio with a very healthy man who has no problem writing songs: He wrote easily 30 songs for that album.”

There’s no word when a follow-up would be released.

According to statements Visconti made in interviews leading up to The Next Day’s release, that album took two years to assemble. However, he estimated that only three months were spent in the studio, as Bowie takes time writing tracks. Everyone behind the project kept it under wraps, until the official announcement last year.

Upon its release, The Next Day went to No. 1 in the U.K. – making it the singer’s ninth No. 1 in that country and first since 1993. The album also became his highest-charting in the U.S., debuting on the Billboard 200 at No. 2.

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