Tone of Arc Releasing Remix of “Goodbye Horses”

Revising an older electronic track, Tone of Arc recently put out a remix of “Goodbye Horses.” Tone of Arc Releasing Remix of “Goodbye Horses”

Remixes, in modern EDM, are practically incestuous. One artist ranking at the top of the DJ Magazine list releases a single, and soon, many in the top 20 have their own interpretations, adding the track into setlists and putting it on radio shows. In a sense, staying relevant is never a bad strategy, but it ignores all of the possible tracks artists could potentially alter and have their own touch.

Tone of Arc, a San Francisco duo with an indie-disco/deep house sound, put out a remix recently of a 24-year-old track, “Goodbye Horses.” Originally written by Q Lazzarus, the track was made famous by the Buffalo Bill scene in Silence of the Lambs.

Signed to No. 19 Music, a house label created by Art Department’s Jonny White, Tone of Arc received critical acclaim over the past year for singles “Shaking the Sky” and “No Pushers.” Additionally, the duo is getting ready for an EP release in December and a full-length debut for spring 2013. Unlike many of their contemporaries, Tone of Arc perform live, as well as in the studio, singing and playing guitar, bass, and keyboards.

Along with re-visiting a familiar track, Tone of Arc’s “Goodbye Horses” remix additionally features an original composition, a track called “Soundsail.”

A video for the remix has already been released and makes reference to the film’s well-known seen. While NSFW, the video can be seen below:

Written on Nov 15 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: tone of arc goodbye horses q lazzarus


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