Toby Keith Accused of Charity Snub

Despite being well-known for his involvement in charities, one organizer is seeing red. Toby Keith Accused of Charity Snub

It’s never good when a celebrity is accused of skipping out on something, especially if it is for a worthy cause.  Unfortunately, Toby Keith is feeling the ire of a Nebraska event organizer.  Creative Adventures is accusing Keith of denying to sign a guitar backstage during the Nebraskaland Days concert which was meant to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The organization’s vice-president, Joel Bieschke, said: "One of the radio station program directors got meet-and-greets and permission to get a guitar signed for St. Jude's 2013 radio fundraiser.  People donate to win a guitar signed by their favorite artist on the air and the money goes to help the children at St. Jude. But when we got face-to-face with Toby in the meet-and-greet line, he refused to sign the guitar and his crew told us to leave or else they were going to call security. It would have taken him 10 seconds to sign that guitar to help raise money for children who are terminally ill. I'd like to think he was not that type of guy."

Naturally, Keith’s camp is refuting the allegations.  His road manager said: "I know of no requests like that at that show. If it was asked of us for Toby to sign something for St. Jude or any other legitimate charity, we always do so. For them to think that Toby would disregard a great charity like St. Jude, when he has his own foundation that supports and has the same goals, is just stupid."

The country star hasn’t commented on this but, then again, he did just have gallbladder surgery.  He did have the following to say last year, though: "I'm proud to be able to affect the lives I've affected, most in the private sector, and with charities like St. Jude, Ally's House, the USO and OK Kids Korral."

Hopefully, it was just an oversight and can be easily resolved.

Written on Aug 03 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: toby keith


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