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Jodeci Time And Place lyrics is the 18th song on the album "The Show, The After Party, The Hotel" by Jodeci. The "Time And Place" lyrics by Jodeci are displayed below.
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Time And Place by Jodeci


Here I am sittin' in this fly ass hotel over Miami

Just watching the birds fly over the ocean

I guess I'm kinda trippin'

Cuz I'm kinda high

And don't give a f*ck

So I wanna come at you on the real baby

And let you know how I feel

You know for the last few days

I've been watching you all by my lonely

With your little friends

I see how you make them laugh

I've been kinda envious of your friends

Cuz it's like they're so close to you

And i can't find the right things to say to get close to you

This is the only time in my life that money doesn't matter

The only thing that matters if finding the perfect place for me and you

So if you got the time I got the place

One two three seconds are gone

Coulda been gone

A long time ago

So baby don't be shy

Tell your girlfriend bye bye so we can roll

And we can get nasty on the way

My car's got tint so they won't see your face

There's no need to -

Ohhh what i wanna do to you is right babe

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You've got the time I've got the place

For everything where me and you can hang

You've got the time I've got the place

For everything so baby don't be ashamed (x2)


So baby check me out

I got a little place where we could hang out

No one will come around

So tell me if you're down

Have no doubt about us

I know you've got the time

Cuz baby I was seein you

Nothin on your mind

So put your thought to use

And think about me and you

Just getting loose


You're gonna love me

All night long

So let's get it on

Let's get it on

All night long to the early morning




One two girl one two

Girl get in the car

And we can go very far

While I be pumpin' up the good time

So can you tell what's poppin

There aint no stoppin

Cuz baby I'm droppin'

Those something lines

To get you in the back of my ride

You got the tizzime

So baby won't you get on the side

Check it


You're gonna love me

All night long

So let's get it on

Let's get it on

All night long

To the early morning



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