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Mack 10 Tight To Def lyrics is the 7th song on the album "The Paper Route" by Mack 10. The "Tight To Def" lyrics by Mack 10 are displayed below.
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Tight To Def by Mack 10

[mack 10]

Get money

T-boz mack 10

Millennium bonnie & clyde

We hoo bangin' and hoo ridin'



I was raised in the hood so what the heck

So i represent the wood and get respect

Catch me in the club parlayin'

Taking flicks with about hundred different 'certs

Up in my mix

I never knew nothin' but the hustle

I was able to deal

What they call the root of evil

Got me living on the hills

Still rollin' chrome boy it's on boy

You can take the boy out the hood

But not the hood out the homeboy



When i walked into the place

Everybody could read my face

I am the illest bitch inside

Swing low now let me ride

Playa playa did i mention please

Have you sick down to your knees

Think you're good enought to tap please

Now sing the hook ladies hey


1 - [t-boz]

rollin' through the hood and it feels alright

picking any fella that i want tonight

and if i feel like it i just might

cause i know i know i'm tight to def

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Repeat 1



I step to the flyest guy

Look him dead ass in his eye

Check myself cause i know i'm fly

No need to ask me why

If you pull out i just might

Don't front or believe the hype

I come real ain't the average type

Dut-dut-duta-dut duta-dut


Repeat 1 (2x)


[mack 10]

You haters is trife

You wish you had my life

Living in a three point somethin' with an r&b wife

I take care of my crew

Just ask my boo

Cause if i buy me some ice

Then i lace her too

My peak position on the charts is always one

And i never leave the house without packing a gun

Remember me back in my youth

But in case you missed it

Don't mess around and get done

Gettin' this rap stuff twisted

Mack got nba figures like i'm hoopin'

You can catch me rag 'rari scoopin'

Or either bentley coupin'

You need to check your girl partna

She just blew me a kiss

Look at her jockin' the ice around my neck and my wrist

Her friend came up to me and said

I didn't want to stare but it's like a hood rat dream

To get to braid your hair

I said keep it real shorty it just ain't the brains alone

It's that whole thug mentality that turns you on

Now ain't it?


Repeat 1 (2x)


[mack 10](t-boz)

Hustle right to there ain't nothing left

And keep it tight to def

Hustle right to there ain't nothing left

And keep it tight to def

(huh? talk about it be about it)

Hustle right to there ain't nothing left

And keep it tight to def

(you know what they say steady long steady wrong)

Hustle right to there ain't nothing left

And keep it tight to def


Repeat 1 till end






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