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Minus The Bear This Ain't A Surfin Movie lyrics is the 11th song on the album "Menos El Oso" by Minus The Bear. The "This Ain't A Surfin Movie" lyrics by Minus The Bear are displayed below.
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This Ain't A Surfin Movie by Minus The Bear

When I turned the page

The corner bent into a perfect dog-ear

As if the words knew I'd need them again

But at that time I couldn't see it.

I would read that page everyday for the next year.


She sang a short tune.

And I came from her soft touch and slept.

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We sat on a shoreline watching wind

Scalp the white off the waves.

Sitting on a shoreline and if I could

Do it I'd dog-ear this page.

We spoke about growing old and filling the future's empty stage.


I hope the weather holds

But you don't need the sun to make you shine.

These island towns don't care for city folk

But I think we can starve the city from our minds.


I know we won't want for much

It's just me and you and a bed and a shoreline.


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