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Jerry Lee Lewis Thirty Nine And Holding lyrics is the 13th song on the album "Another Place Another Time" by Jerry Lee Lewis. The "Thirty Nine And Holding" lyrics by Jerry Lee Lewis are displayed below.
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Thirty Nine And Holding by Jerry Lee Lewis

Thirty-nine and holding (track#2)

Jerry lee lewis

(j. foster b. rice)

Album: live wembley arena

London november 4 1982

Transcriber: [email protected]




He's out there somewhere every night

The music's playin' loud

He's doing all-a those fifty's steps

He's in a 1980 crowd


Dim lights hide the milage line

Clairol hides the gray

And he won't mention anything

To give his old age away


Oh lord he's thirty-nine an he's holdin'

He's holdin' everything that he can

From seventeen to twenty-five

He'll prove he's still a man

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Hey boy you're holding to a candle

And it's a-burning at both ends

Thirty-nine and holding

A-holdin' everything that i can


(instrumental piano and fiddle solo)


Well now you can bet he'll never see

Thirty-nine again

Son you oughta given up a long time ago

But you just keep on hangin' in


He still thinks that he's the man

That he once used to be

Boy you're just thirty-nine

And you're dreamin'

Acting twenty-three


Oh-oh he's thirty-nine he's holdin'

Holdin' everything that he can

From seventeen to twenty-five

He'll prove he's still a man


He's a-holding to a candle

My god it's burning at both ends!

He's thirty-nine and he's holdin'

Holdin' everything he can


(instrumental and piano solo to end)



He's thirty-nine and he's dreamin'.








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