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Usher There Goes My Baby lyrics is the 3rd song on the album "Raymond V Raymond" by Usher. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Usher Puts Out Music Video For 'Good Kisser'".
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There Goes My Baby by Usher


On the road to the riches try n stop n take pictures

Pay attention to each detour and u-turn along the way

Be aware of the winding roads

Know that as long as u take it slow

U'll be fine plus u'll find u're already there

On the road to the riches don't forget to stop n take pictures

Coz life ain't 'bout where you finish

But what u've learned along the way

So as u chase success remember that I told u best

U look fine then u'll find u're already there



And that's the truth(Go ahead be you- yeah)

Go ahead be you(If u wanna be free)

Want to be free(First u must be)

Be(Just be)

Be(Just be)

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With the glass half empty 'least u know u're not thirsty

Try to see it for what it is really half full now take a sip

And as it trinkles down let it wash away any doubt

In your mind you're fine

Don't think real joy is in position of Mo-ney noo!

Don't compare your life to somebody else coz u don't know

Just what they're going through less u walk a mile in their shoes

Don't be blind the sun shines on everybody here



And that's the truth(Go ahead be you)

Go ahead be you(If u wanna be free)

Want to be free(then u have to first be)

Be(Just be)




I know that sometimes life can throw a curve

But u gotta keep on swingin hard

It's the only way to knock one out the park

And if it doesn't make it over the wall

The only way to strike out is if you don't swing at aaaallll



And that's the truth(yeah wanna be u)

Go ahead be you(oh then u're gonna be free)

Want to be free(please be)

Be(Just be)

Be(and I'm speakin the truth)

And that's the truth(just be you)

Go ahead be you(yea! ooh ooh u wanna beee! )

Want to be free(oh but First u must be)

Be Be(beee)


Yea yea yeaah ooh yeaa yea Beee oooh yea!

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