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The Worst by Jhene Aiko

[Verse 1:]

Tell me whatcha say now?

Tell me whatcha say

Come again?

If you cannot stay down

Then you do not have to pretend

Like there is no way out

I shoulda never let you in

Cause you got me face down


[Bridge 1:]

And don't take it personal

But you're the worst

You know what you've done to me

And although it hurts I know

I just can't keep runnin' away



I don't need you (x4)

But I want you

I don't mean to (x4)

But I love you


[Verse 2:]

Tell me whatcha say now

Tell me whatcha say?

You said that you would come again

You said that we would remain friends but

You know that I do not depend on

Nothing or no one

So why would you show up

So uninvited then

Just change my mind like that

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[Bridge 2:]

Please don't take this personal

But you ain't shit

And you weren't special

Til I made you so

You better act like you know

That I been through worse than you

I just can't keep runnin away



I don't need you (x4)

But I want you

I don't mean to (x4)

But I love you


[Verse 3:]

Everybody's like he's no item

Please don't like em

He don't wife em

He one nights em

I never listenno

I should have figured though

All that shit you was spittin' so unoriginal

But it was you so I was with it

And tell you the truth wish we never did it

Cause I usually do stick to the business

But you came out the blue and then you just flipped it

God damn baby my mind's blown

I be forgettin' you live in a different time zone

I think I know what this is

It's just the time's wrong

And yea I know what you did

But baby I'm grown

And my love is patient

And kind and shit

If this is real we can build

And do different types of shit

If you was really the realest

Wouldn't be fightin' it

I think your pride is just


[Bridge 3:]

In the way

(like a bitch)

Funny how everything changed

Once you got all that you wanted

Nothing was ever the same


[Outro (x2):]

I don't need you (x4)

I still want you

I don't mean to (x4)

But I but I love you

I don't need you (x4)

But I want you

I don't mean to (x4)

But I love you

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