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Joe Walsh The Worry Song lyrics is the 4th song on the album "You Bought It - You Name It" by Joe Walsh. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "The Eagles Plan 2012 Tour In Celebration of 40th Anniversary".
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The Worry Song by Joe Walsh

Well I worry about my present situation

My bookie says my odds are next to none

But I'd worry if my chances were improving

I got ulcers from the worrying I've done

And they worry too


Well I'm worried I may find a four leaf clover

Lord knows I can't sleep if nothing's wrong

I'm worried that my troubles might be over

Takes a worried man to sing a worried song

Takes a worried man to sing a worried song

Come on and worry now

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I worry about my tan my skin's all white

I ought to go outside but the sun's too damn bright

I worry about disease and worry about the flu

And if you got it me or if I got it from you

If I were you I'd worry about that tooth


Well I worry about big business and if they tell the truth

I worry about the Commies undermining all our youth

I worry about Afghanistan I worry about the Poles

O if they drop the big one will we all live in holes


Ah wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute

Ah nevermind nevermind

I was worried that was gonna happen

You don't worry about it I'll worry about it

I'll be up anyway it's all right

What am I gonna do


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