The Wanted Calls Christina Aguilera A "Total B***h"

What's Hollywood without a little feud here and there? Latest to make the headlines are The Wanted, who claim Aguilera was rather unfriendly to them. The Wanted Calls Christina Aguilera A "Total B***h"

This is certainly not the first time pop diva Christina Aguilera has been accused of catty behaviour. UK boy band The Wanted made an appearance on talent show The Voice, not long after making an appearance on American Idol. While the group was quick to show love for Idol judge Jennifer Lopez  (bandmate Max George jumped off the stage to give her a hug and kiss!), the same affection cannot be shared with Aguilera.

In an interview with 92.3 Now radio station, based out of New York, the band was asked why Christina didn’t receive the same treatment. George said of the blonde songstress, "She's was bit scary, to be honest."

In the midst of the George’s sentence, fellow bandmate Tom Parker added, "She's a total b***h. She might not be a b***h in real life but to us she was a b***h. She just sat there and didn't speak to us. Wouldn't even look at us."

And the band didn’t leave it at that. George was quick to add, "J.Lo's hot. Christina's nothing special."  Youch!

Christina has quite the history of being a diva. Kelly Osbourne has been vocal in her distaste for Christina. She has said, ”She called me fat for so many f-ing years, so you know what? F–k you! You’re fat too.”

Avril Lavigne has also described a less than pleasant encounter with the “Not Myself Tonight” singer. Comparing her encounter to meeting Boy George, she says of meeting Aguilera, “He was super nice, unlike Christina Aguilera, who was really mean to me when I said hi to her.”

She adds, “We’re labelmates, and I presumed we have the same manager. I remember going over and introducing myself and saying, ‘Hi, we kinda do the same thing,’ but I just kind of got (*snicker*).”

Aguilera is also said to be involved in a recent feud with Julianne Hough, her Burlesque co star. At a pre-golden globes party, Aguilera is said to have gotten in Hough’s face, even going as far as to grab her, prompting hough to say “Don’t touch me”.

Not to mention the fact that Aguilera recently seemed to brush of Justin Bieber who greeted all the judges of the Voice. While Justin went in for a hug, it seemed Aguilera was not too thrilled about the exchange.

Why all the catiness?! Christina constantly seems to be the center of a new feud. A little humility wouldn’t hurt!

Written on Apr 28 2012 by Lauren Croteau (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: christina aguilera The Wanted feud


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