The Temper Trap 'Need Your Love' Music Video

The Australian Indie Rockers Release A Clip Similar To The Karate Kid Movie For Their New Lead Single The Temper Trap 'Need Your Love' Music Video

Australian indie group, The Temper Trap, has just released the music video for "Need Your Love", the lead single from their self-titled studio album. Considered by some to be very "refreshing" in its music, the album presents some sad songs about heartbreak and similar themes. 

The music video for "Need Your Love" begins with the relationship between a karate teacher and his young fighter, showing the teacher angrily saying, "Take him out." The young student walks off to the face-off unconfidently, makes a few moves, but ultimately is defeated in the match. The karate teacher shows total disappointment in the young fighter, and walks away from the match offering no consolation. 

Arriving home, post match, the young fighter is greeted by his flatmate. He, too, is disappointed in the failure.

The young fighter goes to his room feeling as if he is a totally useless. The lyrics of the song resound loudly here, singing, "I need your love." The young fighter obviously no longer needs role models like these guys in his life, and destroys the idol photos of these people.

In a twist, not unlike the famous Karate Kid movie from back in the 1980s, the young fighter finds a new karate teacher just like Mr Miyagi - he evens looks like him! The training begins where he learns all the right moves and the psyche of the of the martial art. Not only is karate a punishing physical discipline, it also has a deeply ingrained mental approach, which must be learned.

In a "refreshing" twist, the young fighter meets up with his former adversary (from the beginning of the clip), but this time as a friend. Together they are confronted by a gang who try to beat them up - bad move by the gang. Armed with newly learned skills and a winning karate champion, the gang is very quickly defeated. And the new karate teacher is pleased!

It is an uplifting clip matched with a fresh, promising new song.

The Temper Trap - "Need Your Love"

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