The Strokes’ “Taken for a Fool” Video Premieres

The video for The Strokes’ single “Taken For a Fool” premiered on July 8. With a stripped down sound and similarly basic video, is the song relevant in 2011 or just a musical flashback to the early ‘00s? The Strokes’ “Taken for a Fool” Video Premieres

The Strokes are doing their best to get everyone thinking it’s 2004 again, releasing a new album in April and two singles “Under Cover of Darkness” and “Taken for a Fool.” A video for the latter of these two premiered on July 8, and the track’s stripped down sound, one reminiscent of 1970s rock and early Cure, and equally bare-bones basic video reflect the faux-retro uncertainty of rock in the early aughts. With such a dated sound, attempting to sound old while being unintentionally a few years behind music trends, are The Strokes still relevant? Watch the video for “Taken for a Fool” below and determine that yourself:

After not working together for five years, the members of The Strokes rejoined and recorded Angles. Reuniting doesn’t mean that friction is absent. In a recent interview with NME, singer Julian Casablancas remarked about his bandmates: “We do interviews and they point the finger at me. They're my such good buddies that everything is my fault. We should have called the album 'Frenemies'."

Instrumentation for Angles, as well, was recorded without Casablancas.

Although the band is expected to tour North America in the fall, is headlining Reading and Leads Festivals, and participated on recently compilation Live From Nowhere Near You, Vol. II, a follow-up to Angles is uncertain. Casablancas halted writing sessions as a result of guitarist Nick Valenti breaking a contract regarding the band’s songs. Previously, Valenti had attempted to use tracks written for The Strokes on a solo album. Casablancas, in an interview with Q, stated: "He wanted to do a solo record of songs we that we arranged together in The Strokes but because we have a contract he wasn't allowed to do that. I only cancelled the writing sessions because I told him I wanted to be done with this record first. We had a plan for a writing session but we hadn't finished this record by then. I stuck to my story on that one."

Bassist Nikolai Fraiture, however, mentioned in a tweet that the band is working in the studio this month: "Super excited to go in to the studio today and work on some new ideas! I'll keep you posted."

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