The Strokes Fifth Studio Album Scheduled for 2013 Release

Adding to the reports of studio work over the summer, The Strokes’ fifth studio album is expected to come out over 2013. The Strokes Fifth Studio Album Scheduled for 2013 Release

Disagreements between The Strokes’ members resulted in a split nearly seven years ago, but 2011’s Angles marked the start of a moderate comeback. Angles, however, proved the five bandmates can work together, and now the group has a follow-up planned -- scheduled for release in 2013.

News of an official fifth album broke on January 16, when Seattle radio station 107.7 revealed through its Facebook page that they received new Strokes music. The post read: "Previewing brand new Strokes 'All the Time' thanks to RCA Records. We'll have to 'leak' this soon. You won't be disappointed…”

The first single is expected to be a track called “All The Time.” However, a release date doesn’t yet appear to be official.

Reports of a new album in the work surfaced over the summer, with Billboard revealing the band had spent time at the Electric Lady Studios in New York. Such reports were denied by the band at the time, although a source had revealed The Strokes were working with Gus Oberg, who mixed part of Angles.

The new release, as well, is supposedly their last on RCA Records. Fans, however, shouldn’t hold their breath for new tracks to show. In spite of studio reports, guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. stated while promoting Angles that the group wouldn’t play any new music until the album is out: "We have songs that you can tell are gonna be good ones (that) we're all excited to play. I don't know if we're the kind of band that would ever play something new before it came out, just the way the Internet works and people recording it. I think even if we had the whole record done, we wouldn't play it 'til the album was out."

Written on Jan 19 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: the strokes


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