Immolation - The Rapture Of Ghosts Lyrics

Immolation The Rapture Of Ghosts lyrics is the 10th song on the album "Majesty And Decay" by Immolation. The "The Rapture Of Ghosts" lyrics by Immolation are displayed below.
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The Rapture Of Ghosts by Immolation

Trudging forward, across the barrens

A life long lost, where has it gone

Right through my hands, now I am here

A walking shell, already dead


Show me the meaning of pain...

Tempt me with the promise of death

Cold winds from their icy hearts... turn us all to dust


Will breaker, courage taker

Leading us on, leading us nowhere

Taking it's toll, the weak ones fall

Boundless journey, boundless nightmare

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Can not find the light

Can not find the way

Humanity has left us

Abandoned us to fate


Can not move... can not breathe

Smell the death... see the horror

In front of me... the massacre of thousands

The mind can't erase, what the soul can't embrace


Dragging us into the dirt

Soaking the ground with our blood

Like beasts to the slaughter

We'll never leave here alive


Starved, stabbed, degraded and tortured

Crawling, gasping, there's nothing left

Drained and beaten, slipping downward

Fading fast, death has finally come

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