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"The Racing Rats" Video Review

New single from the Editors, 'The Racing Rats', released through Kitchenware Records on November 26th.

The music video for "The Racing Rats" was directed by Vincent Haycock and features the band performing in a rural suburb in slow motion, much like the video for the bands other single "Bullets". Tom notices a little girl who is drawing a big circle on the pavement. Near the end of the video a solar eclipse occurs directly parallell to the girls circle causing it to light up spectacularly as the band look on in awe.

The relevance the video has to the song is from the lyrics "Slow down little one, you can't keep running away / You mustn't go outside yet, it's not your time to play / Standing at the edge of your town with the skyline in your eyes / Reaching up to god, the sun says its goodbyes".


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