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Jay-Z The Prelude lyrics is the 1st song on the album "Kingdom Come" by Jay-Z. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Timbaland Puts Out Lyric Video for “Know About Me”".
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The Prelude by Jay-Z


You can come and set up a camera let the video run

And my real life complete with real ice

VVS boulders oh they're visibly set

Head and shoulders my invisible neck

You see Hova wasn't digital yet

Befo' Steve Jobs made the iPod

Was gettin head jobs we call that intimate

Back when rappers wouldn't dare play lyrical roulette

With a automatic weapon I was reppin with a tec

(Fresh) like (Mannie) be chain like anti-freeze

Shoebox full of cash dealer man hand me ki's

Pantries full of Arm & Hammer don't take Nancy Drew to see

What it do I'm a damn G

Just sent a million dollars through a hands free

That's big money talk can you answer me?

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Before the answer was a 3

I was down in Georgetown with a Hoya chick lawyer chick

Sure he's rich now cause he saw the shit all this shit

That's why they call him Hov' cause he

Came before all this shit

Bought a 6 quarter seven skipped on them quarter eights

Bought a 9 for non-stop glock work all the time

Woo! Guess who's back?

Since this is a new era got a fresh new hat

Ten year veteran I've been set

I've been through with this bullshit game but I never quit

I used to think rappin at 38 was ill

But last year alone I grossed 38 mill'

I know I ain't quite 38 but still

The flow so (Special) got a (38) feel

The real is back hehehehe


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