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The Motto (Remix) by Drake

[Verse 1 - Drake]

Im the fuckin man you dont get it do ya?

Type of money everybody acting like they knew ya

Go Uptown New York City Biiitch

Some Spanish girls love me like Im on Aventura

Tell Uncle Luke Im out in Miami too

Clubbing hard Fuckin women aint much to do

Wrist blancpain got a condo up in Biscayne

Still getting brain from a thang aint shit changed

How you feel? how you feel? how you feel?

Twenty five sittin on 25 mil uhh

Im in the building and Im feeling myself

Rest in peace Mac Dre Imma do it for the Bay okay

Getting paid well holla wen ever that stop

My team good we dont really need a mascot

Tell Tune oelight one pass it like a relay

YMCMB you niggas more YMCA

Me Freddie Marley Marl at the cribbo

Shout goes out to Niko Jay and Chubbo shout to Gibo

We got Santa Margarita by the liter

She know even if im fuckin with her I dont really need her

Aohhh Thats how you feel man?

Thats really how you feel?

Cause the pimpin ice cold all these bitches wanna chill

I mean maybe she wont

Then again maybe she will

I can almost guarantee she know the deal

Real nigga wassap

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[Hook - Drake]

Now she want a photo

You already know though

You only live once: thats the motto nigga YOLO

We bout it every day every day every day

We sittin on the bench nigga we dont really play

Every day every day fuck what anybody say

Cant seem em cause the money in the way

Real nigga wassup wassup wassup


[Verse 2 - Lil Wayne]

One time fuck one time

Im calling niggas out like the umpire

Seven grams in the blunt

Almost drowned in her pussy so I swam to her butt

Its Eastside we in this bitch

Wish a nigga would like a tree in this bitch

And if a leaf fall put some weed in that bitch

Thats my MO add a B to that shit

Im fucked up torn down

Im twisted: door knob

Talk stupid off with your head!

Nigga money talks and Mr Ed!

Im so Young Money got a drum on the gun

Energizer bunny

Funny how honey aint sweet like sugar

Aint shit sweet niggas on the street like hookers

I tongue kiss her other tongue

Skeet skeet skeet: water gun

Oh my God Becky look at her butt! Tunechi


[Hook - Drake]


[3rd Verse - Tyga]

T-raw skinny nigga big balls

Fuck around and get Drag. Ru Paul

You funny little nigga Duval

Out of this world Total Recall

Tell a bitch Rah Dig let her see saw

Sought of like donkey like an ass nigga he haw

Ha run round in the rarri with the top off

While you in the window man Im probably on my next car

Aight Mighty duck with the ice on

Real L.A. nigga chucks with the gun drawn

Drawing on your face youre a clown jack in the box

Boy thats your bop she my new pum pum star

Stars in the back

Then Homies they dont act acting brand new

Fuck her never call her back

Matt Forte got the bitch running back

Damn Thats the motto you dont know its like that


[Hook - Drake]

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