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The Gay Barbie Song by Youtube

Hiya Garrets!

Hi Raul!

Wanna go for a ride?

On what?

On this!



Barbies such a bitch

She is just a witch

I really hate her

Why does ken date her

Ken is such a man

I'd do all I can

Just to do him

We just wanna screw him


She's such a bitch

I'm gonna scratch her eyes out

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I have dreamed about ken

Being inside my den

And we hold

And we kiss

Like we're sweet hearts

But that barbies a slut

With her cute little butt

And I guess ken likes

Boobs made of fake parts


And I cry


Cause straight up

That bitch is in my way




When I see her I will knee her

Oooh ooh

I will crunch her

And I'll punch her

Ooooh oh yes


Hey Garrets

What Raul?

Look who it is over there

Well if it Isn't barbie

Without ken

In that stupid

California dream van

Hey barbie it's us

Come over here missy

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