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The Game by Dorrough

Now I came in this game without nothing to lose

Nothing to worry bout nothing to prove

Currently permanently paying my dues

And continued this path I decided to choose

From this moment on I'll be changing the rules

Fuck what you heard I didn't come here to lose

Hungry as fuck and I see you as food

I will make you a victim as soon as you snooze



That's why niggas be fadin on me

Why so many be hatin on me?

You just mad that I made it homie

I can tell that you hatin homie

You ain't goin nowhere and you wonder why

I'm on I got the heart of a summer (ride?) Ha.


And that's why

Niggas be fadin on me

Why so many be hatin on me?

You just mad that I made it homie

I can tell that you hatin homie

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See the light girl? Believe no mistake it

Don't take it for granted and never forsake it

You ain't got the patience to make it and take it you won't


Now I'm bout to take off like I'm boardin a plane

And I don't give a fuck if you feelin me

All I know is I'm runnin this game

Get me stronger whatever ain't killin me

Best believe that I'm killin my enemies

Fuck you haters you niggas ain't kin to me

Don't know why I be wastin my energy

But I do know you finna see me



Bang bang this is the game

Here to contest you and put you to shame

Bang bang this is the game

Before you can shine you must go through the rain


Now don't nobody be holdin me I

Call my shots and I do what I wanna do

Ain't nobody controllin me No

I was put here to do what I come to do

Don't know what this hip hop game is comin to

But I'm one of the ones that it's running to


[Repeat x3]

(The vicinity negative energy

Go head and envy me this is the industry)


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