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"The Flood" Video Review

Robbie Williams reunites with Take That for the first time in 15 years, resulting the single "The Flood," which Robbie says it's their "best yet".

Robbie quit Take That in 1995 after the band manager Nigel Martin Smith confronted him about his drug abuse and increasingly erratic behaviour. The singer was said to be upset his creative ideas for the band weren't being taken seriously, and began skipping rehearsals as his destructive demons took hold. Take That continued to tour their album Never Forget as a four-piece before disbanding in February 1996 - only to reunite 10 years later without Robbie.

The video for the single was filmed on Dorney Lake in Berkshire, which will play host to the rowing events at the 2012 Olympics. The video features the five members of the band racing against another crew in specially-made five-seater Sculling boats, wearing old-fashioned white rowing kits, bearing a custom-designed Take That crest.

A source tells Britain's The Sun, "Robbie and the boys clearly got on very well. It was just like old times. They were mucking (messing) about and having fun.

"The boys were stuck in a five-seater rowing boat wearing old-fashioned white rowing kits, bearing a custom-designed Take That crest. They were told to paddle like the professionals. I think they found it quite hard. If you haven't done it before, sculling (rowing) can be pretty difficult."

And playful Williams relished his day on set - by hopping in the lake and singing with kids on set: "When they finished filming on the first day Robbie decided he needed to cool off. He jumped straight into the lake and had a little swim. No one else had the guts to join him - it was freezing!

"There were lots of little kids around and at one stage they all started singing (Williams' hit song) Angels and Robbie was pretending to conduct them."

The boy band plans to release an album and go on tour following Williams' return 15 years after he left to pursue a solo career.



Daniella Oana 169p 4 years ago

Magnificent Thames ! Love London, especially Ben.. not that into 'Take That'


karen clark 15p 4 years ago

Hey , thanks so much for this video! I love take that and for some reason that escapes me, they don't seem to get noticed here to much in the USA, but that needs to change. This is a great video and take that please come here to America!!!



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Take That - The Flood