The Eagles Plan 2012 Tour In Celebration of 40th Anniversary

According to guitarist Joe Walsh, The Eagles will be kicking off a new tour this coming 2012 in celebration of their 40th anniversary. The Eagles Plan 2012 Tour In Celebration of 40th Anniversary

The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh has made the announcement that the guys will once again hit the road, planning to tour in the second half of 2012.  Celebrating their 40th anniversary, Walsh told Rolling Stone that fans can also expect to hear some new work to be featured in their performances.  The Eagles, widely known for such hits as Hotel California and One of These Nights,  plan to tour for roughly four to five months.

"Everybody's seen our show, so we have to put together something new.  We've been archiving so much stuff from the band's early days, concert footage and interviews and stuff. Those will be the visuals to go along with the songs. We'll also revisit some old songs and some new stuff."

Walsh is also gearing up to release his solo album, reportedly titled Analog Man, sometime in February or March of the New Year, on top of plans to also reunite with his former band members of The James Gang.  They too will kick off a mini tour of sorts, with new material.

"I just played Cleveland solo and I saw Jimmy [Fox] and Dale [Peters].  We got together a few years ago just for six shows, just to see if we still had it. And we pretty much did. So, a James Gang tour is on my list. I've just been so darn busy with the Eagles. We played everywhere in the world last year."

"We should record at least four things playing the way that we used to," the veteran guitarist explained.  "I don't want to use Pro Tools and I want to overdub, because you can't do that live. But if we can do at least four things new and get them on the Internet, I think with that and a cross section of the old stuff, we'd have all we need to go out and try and kick some ass. I hope we get to do that in the first half of 2012. I really hope it works out." 

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